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Modern Era Weddings is a collaborative group of musicians, photographers, videographers, designers, and artists whose goal is to provide the highest quality of event production and documentation for our clients. We have grown from a group of 4 DJs to a company that staffs over 20 individual artists who are all passionate and driven in their respective fields. We are able to provide you with a solution for almost every area of event production, and are renown for our style of event production which can be described as a contemporary and modern design, and documentation style, while throwing some of the most energetic, and wild parties you will ever attend.

Along the way we made some new friends who became partners, some of us have relocated, and others have decided to focus their artistic passions in different directions but our mission is still clear: To provide talented and passionate artists a sustainable way to thrive off their creativity.  

This means that we invite only the best, most seasoned, and highly talented artists to work within our ranks. It is with this drive and flare that we are able to produce incredible events for our clients across the country upholding our 5 star Award-Winning standard.

Some of our services are only available in certain markets, and some of our artists are able to travel anywhere in the country to produce events, it is this level of professionalism, and attention to detail that allows us to operate in multiple cities while still providing outstanding results.

“Each artist has been handpicked by me to uphold the quality of production that I wish for my company to obtain. We never hire unknown artists without working with them, vetting them, and showing them the Modern Era way to execute events.”

“Our goal is to persistently evolve to stay on the cutting edge of our craft.  Constantly bettering ourselves as artists is how we are able to perfectly design, produce, and document your event.  In the years since our inception,We have grown to be one of the most award winning wedding production companies in the US, and have evolved to provide 6 incredible services.

 We aren’t a big faceless corporation, rather a small boutique owned by artists, who have the privilege to plan, design, and capture incredible events all over the United States.  We feel our service is more personalized and special to our clients than some of the larger wedding companies.

 We strive to focus on the specific art forms our services encompass, and only hire top tier talent and professionals who are passionate about their craft. Through the past 8 years we have discovered that if you love what you do and have fun while doing it your service will stand above all others. We strongly believe that this is the reason 70% of our weddings come from referrals from previous clients. What are you waiting for? Book Modern Era and I guarantee we will make your wedding EPIC!”

– Michael Willis

If you are an artist who feels they live the ideals of our company, and would like to learn more about joining our family please email the owner directly at mike.moderneraweddings@gmail.com

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