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Michael Willis is a career Event Designer, Coordinator, Entertainer, and Entrepreneur who has founded multiple industry leading companies under one common goal:

“To connect passionate artists, with creative clients, to create spectacular, and memorable events.”

Under the alias DJ MadMike, Michael is a professional party rocker based out of Southern Florida (traveling the country weekly, mostly the east coast). He has held multiple residencies at some of the top clubs in the cities he has resided in. Michael has also worked as the entertainment director at various nightlife establishments in the Mid-Atlantic region. Known for his unique mixing style, high energy stage presence, and song selection, he accredits much of his musical influence to performers such as Mix Master Mike, GirlTalk, C2C, DJ AM, and other pioneers in the open format (Top 40) and mash-up sub-genres.

Growing up in a theatrical family performing in front of a crowd came easily for Michael, from his first leading role in the preschool production of “Caps For Sale”, to being one of Maryland State Theatre’s highest awarded students. While still in High School, Michael continued to blaze his own trail becoming one of the DC theater scene’s youngest sound designers, and lighting programmers. Michael’s passion for performance and theatrical design soon merged with his love for music when he found a new creative outlet through DJing.

Working with diverse crowds and various genres of music each week acts as a clean canvas for Michael to create his high energy version of art. Michael specializes in throwing events that cross multiple genres of music to create an inclusive party environment. His work at mixing has allowed him to work steadily at some of the top nightlife destinations across the country for the last 12 years. Michael has shown that he has the energy, enthusiasm, and talent to keep crowds coming back to get crazy time and time again.

On the private event front Michael is an established wedding DJ and event planner with Modern Era Weddings who has garnered over 100 five-star reviews in the 8 years he has been working in the private event sector. He has DJ’d over 2500 events professionally, including over 500 weddings and corporate events for some of the most prestigious clientele in the country.

DJ MadMike DJ Sets

Michael Owns Multiple Companies in the Wedding Planning sector, While Modern Era is his Flagship company, Michael also Designs and Curates Events under his brand Michael Willis Events

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