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     Modern Era Weddings started as a group of nightclub DJs, and now over a decade later the DJs are still the most popular service that we offer, and for a GREAT reason!

Modern Era DJs are unlike any other. We are NOT corny/cheesy wedding DJs who will teach you how to chicken dance. We will NOT teach you how to dougie (although we will let your crazy aunt try to teach us). Our style of Emceeing and event coordination comes second nature to all of our DJs and we understand two things about the emceeing side of weddings. People need to know when things are going on, and there is a different energy required for different formalities (introductions should be big, announcing the first dance should be more formal).

Our DJs all come from a nightclub background which gives them the ability to not only perfectly mix each song (and songs of any genre) together, but also to read the crowd to ensure that everyone is having an amazing time throughout the course of the event. For more information and some of the frequently asked questions about our DJs please click here.

How to Book a Wedding DJ

Our roster included regional DJs, Nationally Touring DJs, Radio DJs, and more. We only select from the highest echelon of DJs in the cities we operate in, and we pride ourselves on delivering the perfect soundtrack for your day.

Our DJ Package

As with all of our services, our DJ package is designed to be as all inclusive as possible. We understand that 95% of our clients have never booked a DJ before, and have no idea what a DJ should have, bring, or include with his package. We have designed our packages for all of our DJs to be the same so you know exactly what you are receiving with your service and that you are covered for any activity on the wedding day.

– Professional sound system and speakers

– UNLIMITED HOURS OF MUSIC!!! (No Overtime Fees if the party stays in the same location… EVER)

– You Choose the specific person you want to DJ and Emcee your wedding (We have only ever had to switch out DJs for an event twice in the past 10 years, out of over 2000+ events)

– Wireless microphones included (For Ceremony, Announcements, and Toasts

– Basic Dance floor Effects Lights included

– Music for Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, and Reception Included

– Unlimited consultations with your DJ (Phone, Skype, Carrier Pigeon, In Person, Whatever works best for you)

– Access to online planning tools

– Your DJ will keep you on-time throughout the reception and your guests informed of the events throughout the evening

– Online Planning Tools

Current DJ Roster

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